Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kids Birthday Parties!!

I don't know about you, but when it comes to birthday parties, I find it very stressful. Birthdays are stressful because...

  • You know the parents are judging you 
  • You want it to be really special 
  • It has to better than the year before because they are getting older
  • You want it to be FUN!!

Ok.... I have done all sorts of parties, from the family and friends only, to the huge parties with 40 kids and small parties, and after it is all said and done... it seems small parties were more fun, organized, and memorable, and a great way for my children to make best friends, and time for us parents to meet one another.

This year, my daughter will probably have the cheapest, yet the most fun party to date... who would have guessed.

We are having a Yoga/Fashion Party, and I don't know who is more excited... me or Kimora!

We are starting the party with a one hour yoga session with girls, and then we are going to have lunch, and then each girl will have a beauty session to make sure they feel beautiful, with clothes to dress up in, and feathers, and masks, and make up and nail polishes, hair styling, whatever it is that makes them feel beautiful, and I am having a friend who does photography do a catwalk photo shoot with the girls.... once that is complete, we are going to calm them down by watching a movie, and during the movie the pictures will be printed. The girls will get to take home with them pictures from the party they feather boas and the masks.... Forget disney princess themed parties, I am going to make 10 little girls princesses themselves!!!

I am now looking for ideas from you for my sons birthday... Keep in mind, I need it to financially responsible to keep it fair, and something that is completely BOYISH..... he is your typical play in the dirt, jump on a skateboard, and save all the bugs in the world from humans, you all know my little boy Xavier, and have read much about his gentle heart... email me with ideas.... I look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. He is growing his hair again to donate!!!

Thank you for your continued support!

Good Karma... Can you honestly say you cannot afford $5?

Everything gone before your eyes, and nothing you can you do... No where to call home....

Unfortunately over the years, so many of us have become insensitive to unfortunate situations if it does not directly involve us... and then when we find ourselves in need we wonder why we cannot get the help we hoped for....

No... I do not need help, however I am paying it forward to a friend and her family in need, and know that WHEN my time comes, because lets face it we all go through hardship at some point in our life, I can live knowing that I always did my part, and I always committed to helping those around me, and that will give me the faith needed when I need it!

My friends Evelyn & Lindsy's (twins) parents moved from Canada back to Chile, because they always missed home. They had a dream that is almost impossible in the city of Toronto, because of our fast paced lifestyle. They were going to go back to their home land and live life the way they remembered, build a home from the ground up and live mortgage free. So for roughly a year, possibly more, their dad built a home fit to retire, and give them the freedom they longed for.

Shortly after completing the home, living the dream, mortgage free.... their home burnt to the ground.... only ASHES left. They lost everything. The house, the photos, the cars, their clothes, the memories... everything. They, being, Mr. & Mrs. Bailey, their two daughters and four dogs, only have the clothes and fur on their back.

All their documents and ID, gone... All the pictures of memories they shared, gone.... All their hard work to complete the home, gone.... Now this is where life gets real. Look around your home and think about how much you have, and what it would be like to lose everything.... go ahead and do it. Sometimes we like to think, "that wouldn't happen to me"... well I am sure they thought that too. Unfortunate circumstances are never planned. Anything can happen at any time.

Now if something happened to you next week, can you say you have paid it forward and know that people will be there to pick you up from the ground and help you rebuild your life, your family, your hopes, dreams, and future?

I love that I have networked and connected with thousands around the world through my blog. And I know how much you all stood by me during the hard time with my child when he was bullied, and so I am turning to you...

The above video is a clip of their tragedy... A beautiful family, staying positive through this all, and clinging closer to one another than ever before, being that it is all they have, and willing to give back to all those who are willing to donate...

To donate, click the link below.

Every dollar counts.... even one dollar.


1. For those who donate $75 + can claim a caricature drawing by the talented artist Eva Bailey of up to 3 caricatures per artwork. Quality of work and samples at

2. For those who donate $250 + can claim a basic web-page offered by ProVista Graphics design by Susana and Christian Bailey. Please visit also created website. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bailey are creative webpage developers, and this donation would be ideal for entrepreneurs.

3. For ALL and ANY who donate, they will receive a thank you song by one of the daughters Audrey Bailey. Because they want to thank anyone who donates,  because every dollar counts.

Try for a moment to put yourself in their shoes....


Friday, June 14, 2013

Ohh NO... A Parents Nightmare!

As if a mother of four does not have enough on her plate it happened... the unthinkable!!!

Now let me back up a bit, month is crazy busy and I am planning a wedding and each child has their own extra curricular activities with the exception of my youngest and life could not be any busier.

So my fiance and I had discussed earlier in the day, that we finally had a night to ourselves once the kids went to bed to plan some last minute wedding things that still needed to be completed. I went into the basement to get the laundry and I hear this awful shriek from my daughter, Kimora, the diva.

It wasn't one of those hurt cries, it was one of those cries like, "I am going to be in trouble".

My son Xavier comes running into the basement and says, "Mom, Kiki pooped in her tights and skirt" and frustrated, I walked upstairs and removed her from the stairs and placed her on the toilet to deal with that...  THAT IS NOT THE NIGHTMARE..... THE WORST IS YET TO COME!

Of course, after such an incident, I brought her upstairs and threw her in the shower to clean her up and wash her hair and begin to get her ready for bed. I walked in my room to get the lotion and my fiance says "Nicole, we have a problem" so I walk out the room thinking, WHAT NOW, and he says "I think Kimora has LICE"




So I grab my "intelligent" phone and Google "what does lice eggs look like" and sure enough the nightmare was a reality.... my daughter has lice!

Now I started panicking and almost crying, and my daughter was actually pretty calm and my fiance was trying to get me to relax, but I am scared of house flies, let alone something that spreads so easily and clings to hair, which would be impossible to get out of my curly hair, a lot more simple for my dead straight hair daughter.

I ran to the store and bought the shampoo needed to remove the "nits" *I cringed as I typed that* and we had to dry her hair before we could throw her BACK in the shower. We washed her hair with the special shampoo, which is more like oil, and took the stupid little nit comb and began picking out the eggs. Well excuse me, I should not give credit where it is not due. I did not pick anything out. My fiance picked out all the "nits".... 4 hours later he was still picking it.... all while I researched everything you could think of regarding lice.

I even found out there are companies that you can hire to come to your home and remove the lice for you!

I had just had surgery and was in so much pain but I did not let that stop me from vacuuming the whole of the house at 1am in the morning and washing everything in the rooms. I dragged my boys out of bed to remove there sheets and check their beds and heads, and I spent the entire night scratching my head and waking my fiance to make sure there was nothing there.

Fortunately, my fiance did such a great job removing the "nits" nothing else was found in the house and nobody else suffered from the nightmare.

I would not wish this on my worst enemy, just when you think as a parent you have experienced it all.... you get smacked in the face with the unthinkable....

Parenting is a rewarding job..... RIGHT!!!!

Now we take serious preventative measures, and EVERY DAY, I put tea tree oil behind my childrens ears, and we all sleep with rosemary in our pillows, AND I use coconut oil on the kids, these are all things Lice hate!!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We cut his hair.... Xavier with short hair!

I have had thousands of views for Xavier being bullied, so I want to update you all, and thank you all for your support and kind words, and emails I have received along the way... there will always be some, who have their own opinions and some who will be rude, but 99% of you were awesome!!

Here are the pictures of before, during and after the hair cutting, it was emotional for all of us, and we are happy to have helped a child who needs a wig.

We donated his hair, 17 inches of it to "Angels Hair for Kids"

The new Kevin McCallister from Home Alone lives with me x2!

I have not written a blog in a very long time and forgive me!!! This is because I decided I was going to go back to work because I had my family to support me!

Well.... let me explain this blog entry. I have the most daring children i think EVER! They are always trying to do something crazy and I can never understand what made them think of it, because when I was a child I did nothing of the sort!!!! (do you believe me?)

Ok... so I was just waking up in the morning when my eldest Armani comes running in the room and says that H word... "Xavier is Hurt", so I immediately hop out of bed and say "what happened?" and Armani explains, "Xavier took a laundry hamper and went down the basement stairs STANDING UP and fell!!!"

Now my first thought is "OH MY GOD IS HE OK"
Second thought "Wait a minute, Armani, were watching this?"
Third thought "what the hell was he thinking"
Fourth thought "why me?"
Fifth thought "Home Alone"

So... the bubble wrap parent I am ran downstairs and asked my eldest.... "what are you guys doing up without mommy"

When I got half way down, Xavier was on his way upstairs, and at this point I can clearly see he was fine! I asked Xavier "Are you okay?" he replies sobbing "yes" so I asked "what the heck were you thinking?" Xavier responded..... "I am the modern Kevin McCallister like home alone... I wanted to snowboard down the stairs"... So because I know my son too well.... i knew this was not his terminology,  so I looked at the awfully quiet and guilty looking older brother who began explaining himself before I even asked.

Now according to big brother... he was walking and he tripped and the laundry hamper was there and he landed in the hamper which then went down the stairs.... ohhhh and apparently I was born yesterday LOL!!!

To make a long story short.... both my sons tried to be the "modern day Kevin from Home Alone"... and they say it gets worse as they get older....

Next thing you know, my boys will be trying to defy gravity for Guinness book of world records!!!

Good news.... The girls still seem to be the calmer two of the bunch!! Lets see how long that lasts, because they are the younger two of the bunch too!!