Wednesday, November 4, 2015

After all we are just N*ggers to the system

It is sad that in this day and age racism is still so much alive that we have to face being called a "Nigger" even in today's day and age. I am writing this blog because the JUSTICE system failed my family as they have in the past, and I want everyone to know how much racism is still apparent and how the police in Halton turn a blind eye to it. Please forgive any typo's I am very upset while writing this blog...

This blog post contains offensive content.

It all started about 8 months ago, when my children complained to me that a child on their bus was swearing at them and hitting them on the bus, so me being the mama bear I am waited at the bus one day to speak with the mother and hope that I could get things resolved once and for all. The kid was yelling things to my kids such as "fucking losers, dumb shits, ugly pieces of shit, fucking fags". 

I approached the mother at the bus stop and said "Hey I am not sure if you are aware but your child on the bus is swearing at my children and hitting them, please speak with him, and if we cannot resolve it, than I will contact the school for further assistance. The mother turned to her child and said "are you swearing at these children" and the child looked at his mother and yell "SHUT UP" to his mother. I said I will leave this with you, and my children and I proceed to leave. When we got home, I explained that the child's reaction to his mothers questions simply showed that there is obviously something wrong with the child or that the mother has no control, so I explained that I did not think there was much more I could about it, and advised my children to stay away from the child as much as possible.

Starting in September, it all started all over again, and I continued to tell my children to avoid the child and ignore him. One day the child even punched my 3 year old in the stomach and my eldest pushed him back and said "DO NOT TOUCH MY BABY SISTER". My son Armani reported all incidents to the school officials giving them the opportunity to step in and assist, however all his complaints were ignored.

On November 2nd, 2015, things escalated even more. My son got on the bus and the only seat left on the bus was beside the child that has continued to verbally and physically abuse my child. So my eldest took that spot to avoid his little siblings from having to deal with the child. The kid proceeded to say the following to my children "you are all niggers, and need to go back to Africa, and my mother is going to beat up your nigger bitch mother, you black pieces of shit, do not fucking sit beside me".... THIS CHILD IS 8 YEARS OLD, SPEAKING LIKE THIS! 

My son came home and told both me (mama) and his dad and I promised my son that it would be dealt with in the morning with the principal. 

On November 3rd, I proceeded to work and was waiting for the kids school to start so I could call and speak with the principal, when I received a call from Armani (eldest) sounding scared and in a panic, and I could hear a lady yelling in the background. I asked Armani what is going on and he says this "mom the kids mother is hear swearing at me telling me I touched her kid, and told me to wait to see what the father is going to do to me after school." I LOST IT.... I got in my car and headed straight back to Milton to the school and my husband met me there....

When we arrive, by chance the parents involved are walking into the school at the same time, so I was thinking "perfect they are here to resolve this once and for all with the principal"... I was wrong they came to the school for other matters. I proceeded to speak with the principal in his office, when my phone goes off and my son says "his dad is in the office and tried grabbing me and the office got mad at him *thumbs down*"

I flew out the principals office and started to freak out, and the parents involved then left. This man grabbed my sons arm asking the wife "is this the kid".... WTF

Long story short.... the police finally arrived, and was VERY rude to me, and confrontational, and telling me that "I do not decide if I want to press charges" and that it is "her choice" if she does, and that is if she believes their is criminal intent, and advised that she does not see much evidence of criminal intent. The officer spoke down to me and lacked any empathy, and would ask if I had any questions and when I proceeded to ask a question I was accused of "not working with her". It was a very upsetting situation....

After taking a statement from my son, my husband and I, and meeting with the other parents, the officer did not believe there was criminal intent..... how much more needs to happen before there is criminal intent? The parents threatened and proceeded through with their threat IN THE OFFICE of the school imagine what they would/will do to my children outside of the eyes of other adults.

Halton (Milton)  in particular continues to show us that they do not care about the youth the way they should. The police did not only let down my husband and I, but they showed my children that they meant nothing at all to the system(police and school).

I am so frustrated with the way the officer spoke to my husband and I and the way officer disregarded the derogatory terms used to my children. 

I am disappointed that the child was not suspended for his behaviour and that the school was still considering recess and trying to figure out which time he should go outside to avoid my kids... When I was a child, recess was a privilege and when you got in trouble recess was taken away for a couple days. The only thing the school did was arrange a different bus for the child.... where is the discipline, or the apology letter from the child who said such disgusting things?

I was so upset when talking to children last night trying to explain how the police came up with her conclusion that their was "no criminal intent and that the parents seemed rational, and that the step-father had chemical burns on his feet so he could not do much anyways".... What kind of world do we really live in.... 

We are not NIGGERS, we are beautiful human beings with a heart and soul, yes we are MIXED, we are proud of our background, we are all part Jamaican and PROUD, we ALL bleed the same colour as everyone else....

Milton School Police Racism. Nicole, Nix, BlogMilton School Police Racism. Nicole, Nix, Blog

Thursday, May 15, 2014

To put her in modeling or not?

So... I am so on the fence with my born to be a super star Kimora.

She is so amazing at posing, and being in the spot light I feel like I am letting her talent go to waste....

I am also considering putting her into theatrical school.

ANYWAYS.... Just wanted to share a couple pictures from her party...


OMG... So, while talking to my neighbour my daughter Kimora tells our neighbour that she loves to use the hula hoop.... OK... Why did she never tell me this cheap way to entertain her!!

Well, the neighbour challenged her, and gave her a hula hoop.... and go figure, she isn't only good, she is amazing!!!

God I love moments like this! When you see the beautiful smile and laugh of confidence while impressing us adults.

I remember once upon a time I could do the hula hoop, however I think I have lost my talent... a tad LOL

Anyways, I made a YouTube video and really wanted to share it with you all!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Disney HORROR... or SEX sells.... or Artist Trademarks?

Disney movies are family classics in just about every household, known for there princes and princesses, rags-to riches, happily ever afters, fantasies and dreaming of the imaginable. A number of subliminal messages have been found in the most classic movies and has at times put the Disney company in jeopardy. The word "SEX" has appeared in a number of Disney movies and I would think it is now a trademark for their movies that people should look for!

NOT IN ANY WAY AM I TELLING YOU TO AVOID DISNEY MOVIES, it is just interesting what artists do, and it is interesting how much time people have to catch these things.

Now, I am no Disney movie expert, however what I do remember is in most of the movies the evil person, being the villain was often a family member. Now I don't know about you but I don't want my children to know how corrupt family is, they will have to deal with that enough when they get older!

Little Mermaid, huh, that movie was something else on its own, Ariel was chasing a man who was already in love with another woman, and went to the evil queen to make Eric fall in love with her and in the end Eric marries the woman who he was already in love with and then Ariel's sister offers her a knife to kill Eric because he was not with her. I do not want my girls to think that they can go around breaking up relationships, and when it does not work in their favour, to kill or do whatever it takes.... What was the message this movie was trying to get across. If the message was anything positive I definitely missed it!!!

Lion King, a classic favourite in most homes, and I must admit I too love the movie, however this movie made death very real for children. The true message that came from that movie was in order for one to be successful others must pay, even by death. And not only did Mufasa die in order for Scar to take throne but then so did Scar. Teaching our children the way to be on top, or king for this matter is to get rid of anyone in the way by any means necessary, even death, is not teaching our children the right message.

As for subliminal content this movie took heat for the word "SEX" appearing in the pollen... Really... the kids may have not directly understood the word however, scientist still do not truly understand how the brain works.... so subliminal msgs are still not clear what impact they have on the brain, especially a growing brain at that.

Aladdin, another one of my person favourites, now even the Arabic culture was portrayed by Disney, which is known to be very strict, has a teenage boy climb up to Jasmines roof to try to get lucky with her, THEN, Aladdin takes Jasmine on a carpet ride and says... "Good teenagers, take off their clothes!"... Now to hear this you will need to take out those VHS copies because after the heat Disney took for this of course the problem was corrected.

Now for some of my older readers.... The movie "The Rescuers" about that topless woman in the background... literally on her knees, topless... THIS MOVIE HAD TO BE PULLED FROM THEATERS.... now I don't know who had such amazing eyes to catch the millisecond view of the topless woman but somehow, someone seen it!!

Its not just Disney movies, Land Before Time, what is the message in that movie? To "stick to your own kind"..... Oh yes, that's right, racism was already said to be extinct at that time... Well, I beg to differ and the message in that movie was VERY clear. Comments such as we don't play with different looking dinos, or eat with them, etc. were said numerous times. However as well all know, racism is still very much alive, sadly.

Craziness.... I am sure there is much more, but whatever... we all still love Disney anyways... Have you found anything weird in children movies on your own? Anything in Pixar?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kids Birthday Parties!!

I don't know about you, but when it comes to birthday parties, I find it very stressful. Birthdays are stressful because...

  • You know the parents are judging you 
  • You want it to be really special 
  • It has to better than the year before because they are getting older
  • You want it to be FUN!!

Ok.... I have done all sorts of parties, from the family and friends only, to the huge parties with 40 kids and small parties, and after it is all said and done... it seems small parties were more fun, organized, and memorable, and a great way for my children to make best friends, and time for us parents to meet one another.

This year, my daughter will probably have the cheapest, yet the most fun party to date... who would have guessed.

We are having a Yoga/Fashion Party, and I don't know who is more excited... me or Kimora!

We are starting the party with a one hour yoga session with girls, and then we are going to have lunch, and then each girl will have a beauty session to make sure they feel beautiful, with clothes to dress up in, and feathers, and masks, and make up and nail polishes, hair styling, whatever it is that makes them feel beautiful, and I am having a friend who does photography do a catwalk photo shoot with the girls.... once that is complete, we are going to calm them down by watching a movie, and during the movie the pictures will be printed. The girls will get to take home with them pictures from the party they feather boas and the masks.... Forget disney princess themed parties, I am going to make 10 little girls princesses themselves!!!

I am now looking for ideas from you for my sons birthday... Keep in mind, I need it to financially responsible to keep it fair, and something that is completely BOYISH..... he is your typical play in the dirt, jump on a skateboard, and save all the bugs in the world from humans, you all know my little boy Xavier, and have read much about his gentle heart... email me with ideas.... I look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. He is growing his hair again to donate!!!

Thank you for your continued support!